Welcome to the Marche of the Marshes!

We are a group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of pre-17th century Europe and its connected cultures. The organization has several different areas activities that we study and re-create.

Martial activities include armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and even siege weapons. All of which are carefully marshaled (refereed) and trained using activity-appropriate armor (personal protection) and weapons to maximize safety of the participants.
Arts & Sciences include nearly any craft or skill that would have been used on a regular basis to create items such as spinning, sewing, leather working, blacksmithing, cooking, embroidery, bead making, calligraphy, illumination, music, dancing, and many, many others.
Protocols, Service, and Niceties are what creates the basic atmosphere of the SCA and its activities. Bowing to the the King and/or Queen, carrying things for royalty, helping your camping neighbor or group set up their tent(s), and the “thank-yous” for the assistance help to make the SCA a great place to spend ones free time.

The Canton of the March of the Marshes, is located in Bowling Green, Ohio and is a part of the Barony of Red Spears (northwest Ohio) within the Kingdom of the Middle (part of the Midwest in the United States).  For more map information, check out: Middle Kingdom Cartographer’s page or SCA Geography page.

NOTE: March of the Marshes meetings will be on hiatus until the new site is available. Until then, practices will continue to be available Tuesdays from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Hróthgeirsfjörðr meetings at Park Church (1456 Harvard Blvd, Toledo, OH 43614) and monthly business meetings (first Thursdays) will be announced as soon as the meeting place is scheduled.

Notes from Business Meeting February 7, 2019

  • Raffaele – about the new meeting site: the owner of Sleek Academy is still waiting on certificate of occupancy for the building
  • Aislin – is looking into Stone Hall at Otsego park in case the certificate of occupancy does not happen for longer than expected.
  • Uthan – contacting the United Methodist Church as a possible meeting site for either March or Baronial meetings
  • Baron Wars at the Wood County Fairgrounds: (Uthan, Aislin, & Gabriella)
    Equestrian arena and stables are reserved for us this year (they are only available every other year due to dedicated activities). We are currently set for the same buildings as last year. Alcohol on the fairgounds now requires a permit which is quite pricey and also has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy if we choose not to purchase the permit.
  • New Baron Wars site research – Ghost Town is off the table.  “The Captain” suggested looking into Pleasant View Campground in Van Buren as a potential new event site.
  • “The Captain” – also addressed the possibility of hosting NORAD although there appears to be some confusion about his being approached about it. As this appears to be politically charged, he asked seneschals to help sort out the confusion. It was also suggested that NORAD could possibly be held in conjunction with Day of Ranged Weapons if it would be acceptable that there is no indoor facilities.

Notes from Special Meeting January 10, 2019

  • Aislin and Raffaele went to look at and talk to the folks at Sleek Academy (also known as All About the Kids) as a possible new weekly meeting site. The area that we would be using is about half the size of what we currently use, and half of the space has a very low ceiling. It is currently under renovation and will not be available for occupancy until mid-February (estimated). The price would be $75/month plus utility costs (yet to be determined) and demos for the kids (with plenty of lead time for demos). Rowland motioned to approve this as our new meeting site with several people seconding the motion. A vote of 19 for and 1 abstaining approved this as our new site.
  • March of the Marshes meetings will be on hiatus until the new site is available. Until then, practices will continue to be available Tuesdays from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Hróthgeirsfjörðr meetings at Park Church (1456 Harvard Blvd, Toledo, OH 43614).

Announcements from January Meeting (1-3-2019)

  • Liz (Gabrielle) – please contact her if you are interested in taking over as MoAS. This is needed as soon as possible. There are no classes scheduled for this year at the moment.
  • Phil (Raff) – The last meeting at the Veteran’s building will be 1/10/2019. He and Aislin will be looking at a place on 1/4/2019. If the place seems okay, the group will vote on it next week. (1/10/2019)
  • Drust – would like to use two of the group’s 5 gallon coolers for an event. Phil moved to approve, seconded by DeOrsa, and a unanimous vote to approve.
  • Alan – if no new site is available in the coming weeks, practices can happen Tuesday nights at the Fjord meetings. (7:30pm, Park Church – 1456 Harvard Blvd, Toledo, OH 43614)