Welcome to the Marche of the Marshes!

We are a group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of pre-17th century Europe and its connected cultures. The organization has several different areas activities that we study and re-create.

Martial activities include armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and even siege weapons. All of which are carefully marshaled (refereed) and trained using activity-appropriate armor (personal protection) and weapons to maximize safety of the participants.
Arts & Sciences include nearly any craft or skill that would have been used on a regular basis to create items such as spinning, sewing, leather working, blacksmithing, cooking, embroidery, bead making, calligraphy, illumination, music, dancing, and many, many others.
Protocols, Service, and Niceties are what creates the basic atmosphere of the SCA and its activities. Bowing to the the King and/or Queen, carrying things for royalty, helping your camping neighbor or group set up their tent(s), and the “thank-yous” for the assistance help to make the SCA a great place to spend ones free time.

The Canton of the March of the Marshes, is located in Bowling Green, Ohio and is a part of the Barony of Red Spears (northwest Ohio) within the Kingdom of the Middle (part of the Midwest in the United States).  For more map information, check out: Middle Kingdom Cartographer’s page or SCA Geography page.

Announcements from Last Meeting (3-8-2018)

  • Raffaele (Exchequer) -new bank account at Fifth Third Bank has passed corporate level and is getting set up – this should be completed in the next week or so
  • Beatrix de Vezelay – is teaching an introductory scribal class tonight so come learn & play! She is also running Information/Newcomer’s Point at Baron Wars this year. She is looking for folks to volunteer an hour or so of their time to help out and donations for basic feast gear for a raffle.
  • Olivier (Chatelaine) – Baron Wars Royalty Liason: retaining shifts schedule will happen soon.   Marche of the Marshes Chatelaine – Olivier will be vacating the Marche Chatelaine position to take over the Red Spears baronial Chatelaine position. If you are interested in taking over the Marche Chatelaine position, please contact Aislin de Tanet.
  • Gabrielle (MoAS) – is working on making favors to be stamped for Baron Wars 20 site tokens. The goal is to make 1000 tokens so please everyone help out as much as possible. Baron Wars is still in need of a head gatekeeper – contact Gabrielle or Uthan if interested.   The A&S report is due at the end of March so please let her know what you have been doing.  This year’s A&S challenge: learn one new thing, learn it in depth, and possibly even teach it to someone else.
  • Baron Konrad – Day of Ranged Weaponry is coming up in April. This is a donation only event, so it’s great for bringing new people. Get award recommendations in by St. Patrick’s Day, unless you are volunteering to do the scroll for the award yourself. As always, Middle Kingdom awards can be put in at any time – now is a great time to start submitting for Baron Wars.
  • Request by Guillieme for Day of Ranged Weapons: Barony would like to use the Regent and A&S tent for the event in April.  Voted on: none opposed.
  • Aislin (Seneschal) – will be contacting various suggested places for new meeting space for the Marche. If you have an idea for a new place, please get information about it to Aislin as soon as possible.
  • Rowland – Merlin’s Merry Minions is May 19. This is an archery focused event with some rapier and cut & thrust. Camping is available, but you Must R.S.V.P. to camp! Check out the event web site for more details.
  • Kate (Fjordr MoAS) – Tuesday (3/13/18) at the Fjordr meeting they will be making baklava under the direction of Myriah. Come out to make yummy stuff.