Welcome to the Marche of the Marshes!

We are a group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of pre-17th century Europe and its connected cultures. The organization has several different areas activities that we study and re-create.

Martial activities include armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and even siege weapons. All of which are carefully marshaled (refereed) and trained using activity-appropriate armor (personal protection) and weapons to maximize safety of the participants.
Arts & Sciences include nearly any craft or skill that would have been used on a regular basis to create items such as spinning, sewing, leather working, blacksmithing, cooking, embroidery, bead making, calligraphy, illumination, music, dancing, and many, many others.
Protocols, Service, and Niceties are what creates the basic atmosphere of the SCA and its activities. Bowing to the the King and/or Queen, carrying things for royalty, helping your camping neighbor or group set up their tent(s), and the “thank-yous” for the assistance help to make the SCA a great place to spend ones free time.

The Canton of the March of the Marshes, is located in Bowling Green, Ohio and is a part of the Barony of Red Spears (northwest Ohio) within the Kingdom of the Middle (part of the Midwest in the United States).  For more map information, check out: Middle Kingdom Cartographer’s page or SCA Geography page.

Announcements from Last Meeting (1-4-2018)

  • Gabrielle – There are currently no A&S classes scheduled for this year. If there is something you are interested in learning or would like to teach, please contact her.
    She is challenging everyone to pick one thing that is new to them and spend the year learning about it and doing the new activity to gain a new skill.
  • Raffaele – Vote in a new Financial Committee Officer which is needed in addition to the group exchequer and seneschal. Volunteering were: Gabrielle, Craidth, and Anna Baker. In a close vote, Gabrielle was voted into the position.   Basic report: Although we do have money in the bank, the signatories are sorely out of date. Because of this and the difficulty in adding signatories to Huntington’s accounts, the group’s funds will be inaccessible until the move to 5/3 bank is completed. The process is currently on hold at the Society level until a change of officer at that level is completed.
  • Aislin – Official paperwork for renewing the Veteran’s Building rental is in the works for the first half of this year. The cost will be presented to be voted on once she hears from the Park District to know what it is.
    Please keep looking for and bringing in information for a new meeting place as the City Park’s buildings will be demolished in the middle of this year.
    Baron Wars needs to start spinning up, so if you have a site and/or would like to present a bid for Baron Wars please have it ready as soon as possible!
  • Olivier – Challenge for Gold Key: it’s a great time to go through your garb and donate anything to group Gold Key that is still in good shape but you just don’t wear anymore. Also, Kingdom is reporting a decline in new people joining our fun organization. Please remember we are all ambassadors for this wonderful hobby of ours!
  • Margherita – a former SCAdian and friend of mine works in a nursing home in Perrysburg. If you have a presentation or activity you would like to share with the folks there, let me know so I can get you two in touch.