Welcome to the Marche of the Marshes!

We are a sub-group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group dedicated to the study and re-creation of pre-17th century Europe and its connected cultures. The group has several different areas activities that we study and re-create.

Martial activities include armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and even siege weapons. All of which are carefully marshaled (refereed) and trained using activity-appropriate armor (personal protection) and weapons to maximize safety of the participants.
Arts & Sciences include nearly any craft or skill that would have been used on a regular basis to create items such as spinning, sewing, leather working, blacksmithing, cooking, embroidery, bead making, calligraphy, illumination, music, dancing, and many, many others.
Protocols, Service, and Niceties are what creates the basic atmosphere of the SCA and its activities. Bowing to the the King and/or Queen, carrying things for royalty, helping your camping neighbor or group set up their tent(s), and the “thank-yous” for the assistance help to make the SCA a great place to spend ones free time.

The Canton of the March of the Marshes, is located in Bowling Green, Ohio and is a part of the Barony of Red Spears (northwest Ohio) within the Kingdom of the Middle (part of the Midwest in the United States).  For more map information, check out: Middle Kingdom Cartographer’s page or SCA Geography page.

Announcements from Last Meeting (4-6-2017)

  • Deb’s view of seneschal role – keep the group legal & keep things happening
  • Classes this month – Myriah is teaching us about pickles. Yum!
  • Money for stuff – if there is equipment/things for the group that you feel need updated or purchased, feel free to make a plan to raise the money to do so and work with the seneschal to coordinate a good time to make this happen.
  • Blackstone Raids – as of today there are still beds available in the two rooms we have reserved. See Margherita (Margaret) if you would like space in the cabin. The rates have raised this year to $20 per bed for the weekend. Food discussion to come.
  • Website – Margaret is maintaining, updates are coming.
  • Dance Master/Mistress – we need someone to lead dances and make sure we have music the third Thursday of every month if we are to continue our historical dance night.
  •  Persuivant – this is not a necessary position for the canton and we are currently covered under the baronial persuivant
  • Marche Charter – the canton officers are currently researching and working on a charter for the canton
  • Voting
    • Tents for Day of Ranged Weaponry – passed unanimously
    • Marche library (donate the current library to the barony to be housed and supervised by the chronicler) – discussion indicates that the group is okay with this being proposed at the next baronial meeting
    • Release meeting space for the Thursday of Thanksgiving (propose not meeting that evening) – passed unanimously
  • Thursday before Baron Wars (June 22, 2017): propose no regular meeting instead an event prep work night – passed unanimously
  • Hard closes for gate at events is a change that has been implemented, so observe gate close times as you plan for events
  • Gate for pounce – welcoming volunteers
  • Paperwork for donations – remember this is a not for profit organization that you can donate time and things to for tax write offs. Contact the seneschal for the group receiving the donation for help with the appropriate paperwork
  • Francis (Frank Welter) is the new Baronial Chatelaine
  • Day of Ranged Weaponry will have a potato bar for lunch with 70 servings available total. Thank you to those who are donating many yummy toppings!