Baron Wars

We are excited to announce that there is a new site for Baron Wars this year!

The Wood County Fairgrounds (13800 W. Poe Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402) will allow for nearly all of the activities of previous Baron Wars’ with more modern accommodations available than the old site!
(And potentially even more in the future!)

There are plenty of buildings for merchants, classes, backup indoor martial spaces, and indoor bathrooms will be available to us. All this plus plenty of space for camping and reveling to celebrate the investiture of the next Baron and Baroness of Red Spears!
Come on out and join the fun!

Event Staff:

Event Stewards: Beatrix de Vezelay and Drust MacArlith   email – baronwars [AT] redspears [DOT] org
Deputy Stewards: Pellegrina and Darrion
Merchant Coordinator:  Miklos (Nate Goehring)  email – bwmerchants [AT] redspears [DOT] org
Gatekeeper: Pellegrina
Armored Combat MiC: Hrothgar Varghoss-Greywolf  and 
Baron Raffaele de Cernia  email – baron [AT] redspears [DOT] org
Combat Archery MiC: TBD
Siege MiC: TBD
Rapier Combat MiC: Captain Craidd and Ari
Cut & Thrust MiC: Deorsa MacGhillechearr  gfcarr66 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Archery MiC: Uthan
Thrown Weapons MiC: TBD
Hound Coursing MiC: TBD
Arts & Sciences Classes and Activities: Gabrielle de Amoura  email – Preciousthings1985 [AT] gmail [DOT] com  phone – 419-388-7466)  and Angelique
Youth Coordinator: TBD
Youth Combat MiC?: TBD
Bardic Activities?: TBD
Royalty Liaison: Branwyn and Olivier
Chatelaine/Info Point: TBD


Updated 4/20/17