Baron Wars XXI

Wood County Fairgrounds
13800 W. Poe Rd – Bowling Green, OH
(Directions – a.k.a, Good Greif Construction!)
June 21, 2019 – June 22, 2019
(10pm June 22 – don’t gotta go home, but you can’t be here)

Come on out and join the fun!

Gate: Pellegrina da Canal   email –
Opens Saturday, 7am and closes at 2pm.

Adults: $15
Adults with SCA membership discount: $10 
Children (ages 6-17): $5     
Children (ages 5 and under): Free

Friday night:
set up and rapier party

Saturday: (All of the following)

Koffee with the King!
8:30am in the A&S/Youth building

A fun and laid-back start to the event. Your King is interested in you (yes, you) and the good things you like and have experienced in the SCA. Share some coffee and good stories!

Passages of Arms: Meister Konrad Mailander, Baron of Red Spears and Captain of the Red Company


  Flushies & Storm Shelter

Event Staff:

Event Steward:  Uthan Laoch  email- Uthan [at] redspears [dot] org
Deputy Stewards:
Olivier van den Woude email- joshbrandt05 [at] gmail [dot] com  
Aislin De Tanent email- marcheofthemarshes [dot] seneschal [at] midrealm [dot] org

Camping Space

Friday night’s tent camping space is toward the front of the fairground. The area will have access to a building with flushies and showers and close to Friday night’s rapier party building. (Just keep an eye out for marked utility lines.)

We also have RV camping in addition to tent camping space this year for Friday night to Saturday!
The hookups for the RV spaces are live and ready to go. If you wish to use the electrical hookups (no waste disposal), the fee is $25 per night as set by and paid directly to the Wood County Fairgrounds. Note: all of these hookups are at the far north side of the Fairgrounds – far from the rest of the event’s activities.

Camping Space  Back Field for Camping & RVs  …

(and it wouldn’t be Baron Wars without a few…)

Site Rules.
Rules FYI 1A few unfortunate rules

    • This is a DRY SITE except for one predetermined building Friday night for the Rapier party.
    • No pets of any kind are allowed on site! Service Animals are, of course, allowed.
    • Above-ground fire pits only
    • Space for RVs, Hook-ups available, fee for hookups ($25 per night) is set by the fairgrounds and goes directly to them
    • Assistance animals only
    • Be mindful of non-SCA areas. We’ll do the best we can with signs and things are more consolidated this year, but we don’t have access to the entire site.


Merchants (check out our merchants list!)

Merchant Coordinator: Veoreos Miklos (Nate Goehring) email – bwmerchants [at] redspears [dot] org

Merchants space is up near the rest of the activities this year. For a break from the sun, stop in to see the variety of wares for sale.
Lonely Merchant Space   Merchant into A&S Space


Court Schedule:

Saturday, in the area that A&S was during the day – time to be determined.

Please bring your chairs to find a comfy place to sit in out of the sun.

Armored Combat

Armored Combat MiC: Hrothgar Varghoss-Greywolf
Deputy Marshal: Aislin de Tanet  email- marcheofthemarshes [dot] seneschal [at] midrealm [dot] org
Armored Outdoor Space Water near the armored list

Rapier Combat

Rapier Combat MiC: Fatima bin Malik  email – cooleylyn [at] gmail [dot] com
Cut & Thrust MiC: TBD

Available rapier combat areas
Alternative Indoor Rapier Space


Target Archery & Thrown Weapons Activities

Archery & Thrown Weapons MiC: El’Aria a’Fighe 

The Pennsic Thrown Weapons team will be chosen here!

Archery Thrown Weapons and Archery


Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences Contact: Margherita di Raffaele  email- marcheofthemarshes [dot] webminister [at] midrealm [dot] org
There will be space for general A&S fun-ness this year. Come in and hang out, even if you’re not interested in a class. There’s space for folks to show off their stuff or just work on things out of the weather while chatting it up with other folks! If you wish to reserve table space for a class or discussion, please email me and I’ll get the space set up!

Activities for Youth

Youth Coordinator: Artemisia Voltera
Note: Parent or Legal Guardian must be present at all times for youth activities.
Youth Activities will be near the A&S activities this year.

Ice Pop for sale before court for only $1.
All money goes to youth of Red Spears.

Other Activites

Royalty Liaison: Baroness Branwyn

Food/Lunch Tavern

Liberty Township will be opening their fairgrounds food building early to provide food for us this year!

Food Space