Armored Combat Activities Schedule

ISO: Marshals to help with Inspections and Melees. Your assistance will be Greatly Appreciated!

Sorry, there will be no Comabt Archery or Siege this year.


9:00 am – List Opens for Inspections, Authorizations and pickups

9:00am till Noon – Open field for Un-belted and  Belted practices

10:00 am till noon (or exhaustion) – passages of arms: Meister Konrad Mailander, Baron of Red Spears and Captain of the Red Company

12:00 pm (noon)  till 1pm – Chivalry Meeting

1pm– Melees begin

5 to 6 field battles with the last one being a capture the leader of opposing army scenario, 2 to 3 boat style battles with 3 ft between boats and 2 planks to fight through approx 6ft wide . Also can fight or move across boats anywhere except the ends but if you hit water (grass between boats) you are dead. Then 3 bridge res battles 10 to 15 mins each last bridge being no weapon over 6 ft allowed also all three will be faught to the last man after the time is up

?? to 4:30 pm – list open for pickups and shenanigans

LIST WILL CLOSE BETWEEN 4:30pm and 5:00pm

Yours in Service,

MIC Sargent Hrothgar Varghoss

Deputy Lady Aislin de Tanet