Meister Konrad’s Passages of Arms

“Let all princes, lords, barons, knights, squires, captains and serjants of the Red Company, and men-at-arms of the Kingdom of the Middle, and all other known world kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the crown, Edmund & Kateryn VI, know that on the 22nd of June A.S. 54, in the Barony of Red Spears’ Canton of the Marche of the Marshes at Baron Wars, that I, Konrad Mailander, Baron of Red Spears and Captain of the Red Company, will be waiting upon the field from 10 in the morning to noon for any who wish to undertake a passage of arms.

This passages of arms shall be fought over a barrier in what is known in the Society as the German style. Each combatant will hold onto the barrier with one hand and wield sword or mace in the other.

All combats shall be fought to counted blows the number of which to be decided by the combatants before each bout.

If a combatant releases the barrier before the chosen number of blows have been struck it shall be considered yielding the fight.

All combats shall be conducted under the Rules of the List and Conventions of Combat of the Society and Kingdom of the Middle. Combatants shall be appropriately armed and armored and present themselves to the marshals as such before the passage.

All combatants shall bear themselves with good grace, to advance the cause of chivalry rather than the base spirit of victory.

Each combatant shall comport themselves bearing mutual responsibility for themselves and for their opponent. The safety of your opponent is your responsibility.

There shall be no thrusts to the face, as this was not generally practiced in tournaments.”