Baron Wars Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule and Competitions

Class Schedule

Saturday Class Area 1 Class Area 2 Class Area 3 Class Area 4
9:00 am       Silk Painting with Baroness Margherita
10:00 am Islamic Geometric art Fiore’s bastoncello  
12:00 pm      
1:00 pm Projecting in “hostile” environments (voice heraldry)   Beginning Carving for Printmaking
2:00 pm    
3:00 pm    

Class Area 1

Islamic Geometric Art
Instructor-Lady Albina Gherardi
Hands on class about making geometric art based on Islamic art. No math involved!


Projecting in “hostile” environments: Pole barns, open fields, and large crowds.
Instructor– Baron Ermenrich
Not all venues are created equal when it comes to vocal projection. This class will talk about some ways you can make yourself heard when the environment is not conducive. Please expect to be outside for some portion of the class (weather depending) for the practicum.
Time- 1pm-2pm


Class Area 2

Fiore’s bastoncello
Instructor- Deorsa MacGhillechearr, CCK
The bastoncello (baton) was a symbol of rank and authority carrying one let people know that you were someone important. Come learn the defensive uses of the baton from period sources. This will be a hands on class with no special equipment needed. I will have a supply of batons.

Class Area 3

Beginning Carving for Printmaking
Instructor- Lady Anne Mulligan
This Class is an introduction to carving images that may be used for paper or fabric. It is a take and make class and students will leave with a small print block and proof prints.
In order to finish carving and possibly printing, this class needs atlas three hours. I am not currently background checked for teaching children yet and have supplies for eight adults.
Time- 1pm-4pm (or till we have to clear out of the building)


Class Area 4

Silk Painting with Baroness Margherita
So…since I’ll probably be there all day, why not do some silk painting?
The silk painting is open all day for anyone who wants to come give it a try. This process involves two distinct steps, resist and paint, that requires a bit of down time in between for drying for things to work well. Each step takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete usually depending on your drawing ability and the complexity of the project. So, come and go as you please and we can make some pretty things! 

A donation of $5 to cover cost of materials would be appreciated, but is not necessary. No age restrictions, but children need a parent with them as I am not background checked.




Baron Wars A&S Competition

As inspired by one of this year’s fearless leaders, Lord Olivier…

This year’s A&S competition is based around your skill level with your submitted project. The three levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced – this is based on your level of expertise on this particular skill.

The judging will have a similar variety, with one judge having an AoA award in the arts, one grant of arms, and one laurel.


Top prize is a custom banner to be made by Baroness Margherita
Second prize is a circlet, donated by Lord Olivier
Third prize is an armband, donated by Lord Olivier


Royal Largesse Basket

Largesse by everyone! We will be collecting and displaying items to be given to the royals in court. If you have something that you would like to donate, please drop it off and accept a small ‘token’ of our appreciation.