Baron Wars XXI Rapier Activities



List opens for inspections and authorizations


Youth List Open


Novice Tournament: open to all authorized fighters with no more than 3 years’ experience who have never won a tournament and no kingdom level fighting awards. Will be fought round robin style, winner to report back to list mistress. Best of three passes.

Atlantean Speed Tourney: Single Elimination tournament best of three passes wins. Bring your A-Game! Cancelled unless someone would like to marshal this tournament – contact Fatima (cooleylyn [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’re willing to do so.


Lunch Break: Youth List Closed

            List may be used for pick-ups so long as marshal is present


War Practice: Warder Vlad, CO of North Oaken will be running melee games and drills, as well as going over conventions for War. All are welcome to participate, even if you will not be attending Pennsic.


Cut and Thrust Horseback Tournament: combatants will sit backwards on chairs opposite one another, as though on horseback. One hand must remain on the chair (gripping the reins) at all times.

Warder Craidd’s D&D Dice Tournament: Will you be a Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, or perhaps a Necromancer!  Roll the die to find out! A large percentage of us are gamers.

Dagger authorization is needed for full participation in this tournament.  Those without Dagger authorization may have to forfeit 20-30% of their fights. Round Robin, or RR Pools with top % advancing to final pool. (Time permitting)  Only the most successful adventurers (top 10% -rounded up) receive prizes. Directions: Roll Dice; select spell (if applicable); receive match-up from list table.1 pass/match-up.  Double kills – dead is dead.